COVID Safety Protocols:


Clients are asked stay home if you feel ill or are you caring for someone who is ill or if

in the past two weeks, you have been exposed to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19.


Clients are asked to wait in the area outside my 3rd floor door until the prior client has departed and cleaning proceedures are completed.


Upon entering, all clients and myself will wear a facemask securely covering both nose and mouth at all times. If you forget your mask I will provide one.


Soap and paper towels are available at all sinks.


Alcohol is available at the reception desk and in the treatment room.


A HEPA air purifier (CADR rated best) has been installed in the treament room.



Between each client:


I wash my hands with soapy, warm water, for a minimum of 20 seconds.


My mask is changed. I rotate a new mask with a mask disinfected in a UVA container for a minimum of 15 minutes.


All surfaces including door knobs, credit card machine, and desktop are disinfected.


All sheets, towels and  table coverings are changed.


All tools are immersed in barbicide disinfectant.




I monitor closely the latest guidelines and information. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.



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